Hey, Shubham here. I’m a 17 years young blogger and tech enthusiast from Goa, India. Today I’mma share with you how I discovered blogging, how did I get started and almost my entire story how I got into blogging, websites and stuff.

As growing up I was always attracted towards technology and that love for tech just kept getting stronger. I got my first PC when I was in 4th grade and I was on cloud nine that day. Though I didn’t actually know how to even properly use it back then. I kept digging into it and I became good soon and by good I mean good at playing games on it. I didn’t have internet access back then and my knowledge about technology and internet was limited, I mostly got all my knowledge through books back then.

I wasn’t aware that this was all going to change in few years. I got internet access while I was in 5th grade. It was an amazing experience back then. I didn’t even know how the internet works and I wanted to make a website so, I stared digging up once again and learned basic HTML and did make a ‘Hello World’ site with HTML. Years passed and I was in 7th grade. I was searching for tools to created a website for ‘free’ yes.. Where do you think a 7th grader get enough money to pay for web hosting. Even if I had money I didn’t know what was web hosting.

After looking for few minutes, I came across WordPress.com and I created my first blog. I was very happy about it. I finally had a website of mine online. I didn’t know what to put up on my website so it was all a mess. I shared guides on Android. Like… (How to root.. Custom ROMs and all other Android MODs) I didn’t know how but that website was getting lots of traffic. Then I stared looking for monetization methods to make some money out of it. WordPress.com doesn’t allow you to run any ads on their free blogging platform. And here I did my first mistake….

I knew about AdSense and I also knew WordPress.com won’t allow me to display ads on it so I didn’t apply for AdSense. I used this thing know as Adfly which is basically a service that pays you for making short URLs and sending traffic to them. I quickly signed up. I had lots of downloadable files on my website which I uploaded to Google Drive and shard their links on my website. I made those long Google Drive URLs to short adf.ly/xyz URLs that was the only option to monetize my website.

And hey… I was making some cents with that. Not bad..not bad… I finally reached my minimum payout after a month that was $5 and I got that money in my PayPal. I was so happy… I finally had my first self earned revenue. $5 is very less… I know that.. but that joy I had after getting those $5 in my bank account was incredible. I remember I bought ice cream with them.

Now I’ll tell you what biggest mistake I had made. (I didn’t read WordPress.com’s Terms and Conditions) My website was terminated because I was monetizing it… I had lost my first website. I was really sad and gave up on the idea of earning money online.

Few months passed… I picked myself back up. I found out about blogspot. It was a free blogging platform by Google and they did allow monetization. I signed up quickly and re-posted everything I had on my previous WordPress.com blog. I didn’t get high traffic like my previous WordPress.com site but I was cool with it. I applied for AdSense.. and boom.. my site was rejected. I tried few other attempts but no luck. Then I signed up with PopAds.net and placed the annoying pop ads on my site. It was annoying but it did make me money.

I kept on trying to get my AdSense approved but was rejected everytime and I gave up on it. I stared posting more articles, guides and stuff. I started getting good traffic now. After waiting few more months I re-applied for AdSense and Volla! My site was approved. It felt like a dream come true.

I filled my website with ads like anything. There were popups, banners, Adfly and what not. I was so into making money that I forgot about user experience. I started seeing a down-fall in my website stats. I was worried about it and stared thinking what I did wrong. I removed all ads and just kept one or two AdSense banners.

Blogspot was good but it had it’s cons, there were limited themes, very few customizations and I wanted to move to WordPress. At this point I was knowing that I need a web host to run WordPress. My earnings wasn’t enough to buy a good premium web host so I started to search free alternatives. To my surprise I found a bunch of them. I won’t name them all here.

The first I found was fnhost.org I created a site with them. Moved my blogger posts there and it went all fine. The next I found out that my website just disappeared, they didn’t even bother to send me an email. My site just vanished. I tried few more free hosts and all were nearly same. I decided to stick with blogger for my main site.

I kept looking for new free web hosting providers and tested them. The only reliable one I found was hostinger they no longer provide free hosting. I didn’t even think to move my site to any few hosts after my first experience. Months went by and I finally had enough money to get premium web hosting. I signed up for bluehost. Which is one of my best choices. Nearly all the sites I own today and hosted on bluehost.

Years passed and I kept learnings new things about blogging, SEO and lot’s more. Here on this blog I’m going to share with you all the tricks I have learned so far about blogging, SEO, Monetization and everything else. So make sure you subscribe to my newsletter to receive all my posts directly in your inbox. I will see your guys in my next post. 😀