Pixel Launcher MOD with new Google Pixel 3 search bar now available to download!!

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The new Pixel Launcher style is essentially the same thing, but there’s a break that separates the mic icon. This new style is found on the home screen and in the app drawer.

The reception to this new look has not been super positive. A lot of people see it as a change just for the sake of change. There are also a lot of people that like the look and love to have the bleeding edge on their device. Thanks to the work of XDA Senior Member paphonb, you can get the look on your phone too. All you need is the Pixel Launcher MOD.

The APK should work on any device with Android 7.0+. Once installed, head into the launcher settings to enable the new style. The launcher also includes the Google Now page. Grab the APK from the thread below and make your phone look like the Pixel 3 before it even exists.

Download Pixel Launcher MOD APK

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