Zenfone 5: Affordable iPhone X Ripoff running Android ?

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Asus is known for their PC & gaming hardware, they’re also making mobile phones since quite long.Over the previous four generations of Zenfones, Asus had always skipped the world’s largest smartphone trade show, MWC in Barcelona. The reason? According to Asus’ head of global marketing Marcel Campos, “[We] just weren’t ready.” But this year they made it to MWC hard with their Zenphone 5.

Available in three different models: The $500 “premium” Zenfone 5Z, the standard Zenfone 5, and the entry-level Zenfone 5 Q (which is called the Zenfone 5 Lite in other countries), Asus’ new phones boast specs that read much like those of industry leaders, including dual rear cameras with a 2x zoom, powerful stereo speakers, face unlock, and a bunch of regular features with “AI” tacked in front, like “AI” charging, and an “AI” display with a 90-percent screen-to-body ratio. The Zenfone 5 even has a notch at the top of its screen similar to iPhone X.

So, is ASUS ready to compete with more high-end devices launched for MWC 2018?? Well, may be not quite yet. Instead, what we’re really looking at is Asus’ take on a budget iPhone X clone running Android.

Even though its notch looks quite similar, the Zenfone 5 does have slimmer bezels than the iPhone X, which tops out with the screen-to-body ratio of just 82.9 percent. Additionally, while the styling of the new Zenfones aren’t particularly creative, Asus added its signature concentric ring styling beneath the glass in back. And unlike the iPhone X, the Zenfone 5 has a headphone jack (hopefully!)

Something that’s kinda stupid is that Asus is recklessly throwing around terms like AI and smart. At a press briefing that went over the details of its new phone, Asus claimed the Zenfone’s dual 12-megapixel rear cameras were flagship class. While it does have Sony’s newly released IMX 363 sensor, the camera sports a max aperture of f/1.8, which is the same as what LG debuted last year on the G6, and half a stop slower than the f/1.5 sensor on the new Galaxy S9. Damn.

Then there’s the Zenfone’s display, which at 6.2-inches across and featuring a 19:9 FHD+ resolution, looked remarkably sharp. But then, Asus ruined it by saying it has an AI display that can automatically adjust its color temperature according to your environment. A lot of phones already do this. Apple calls it a True Tone display. It’s a cool feature, but no one else besides Asus says AI is what’s making it happen. Asus says even the phone’s stereo speakers have so-called smart amps.


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