OnePlus 6: All the leaks so far!

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OnePlus has made some seriously amazing device with flagship specs and a price tag which fits in everyone’s pocket. Will the upcoming OnePlus 6 should continue that trend, but what will it look like? How much will it cost?

Let’s take a look at the latest rumors.

There’s no evidence suggesting OnePlus will skip over the number six too, so we can assume with relative certainty the next phone from the company will be the OnePlus 6. Going along with OnePlus’ model number trends, the OnePlus 6 will likely be given the model number A6000.

OnePlus’ trend has been to release a new entry in the line, five months later update it with a “T” model, then release a new entry seven months after that. The OnePlus 3 came out in June 2016, and the OnePlus 3T dropped in November that same year. The OnePlus 5 came out in June 2017, and the OnePlus 5T dropped in November 2017.

In all four cases stated above, rumors didn’t start popping up online until well into Spring, so stories popping up now could mean the OnePlus 6 might come a bit earlier than past phones.

OnePlus 6: Specs

leaked images purportedly of the OnePlus 6 featured two notable design features: a glass back and a “notch” akin to the iPhone X:

While the latter rumor is pretty solid (we’ll get to that in the next section), the rumored glass back is quite interesting. The only OnePlus device to feature a glass back was the OnePlus X. If the OnePlus 6 adopts a glass back, it wouldn’t just mean an easily-breakable and slippery back; it could mean wireless charging.

With that in mind, the phone will surely be fast. But some leaked benchmark scores point to the phone being incredibly fast; it’s possible it will have an AnTuTu score of 276,510, making it actually the fastest phone we know of at the moment. Even the upcoming Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S falls behind with a purported AnTuTu score of 273,741:

Love it or hate it, at this point it is highly probable the OnePlus 6 will feature a notch at the top of its all-screen display like the iPhone X. The leaked images mentioned in the previous section show a device with a notch, and the leaked screenshots of benchmark scores also suggest a notch is present.

OnePlus 6: Price

With every new device launched by OnePlus the prices are in increasing order:

  • $299 – OnePlus One
  • $329 – OnePlus 2
  • $399 – OnePlus 3
  • $439 – OnePlus 3T
  • $479 – OnePlus 5
  • $499 – OnePlus 5T

If the trend stays, the OnePlus 6 will probably be the company’s first phone to launch above $500.

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