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Android P Developer Preview 1 was unexpectedly launched on March 7th this week. The first Android P preview supports the Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL, Google Pixel 2, and Google Pixel 2 XL, and sadly drops support for the Google Pixel C, Google Nexus 5X, and Google Nexus 6P. There are a lot of changes in Android P, with more to come as subsequent Developer Previews are released.

Smart Battery Manager

This isn’t a feature that you can toggle (at least, not without a bit of trickery), because it’s supposed to work without you ever realizing it. The feature is activated by default, and what it does is “automatically adjust[s] power usage by apps based on usage.”

SystemUI Tuner is gone, but you can still Customize Lockscreen Shortcuts & Navigation Bar

In previous versions of Android, Google had a hidden “SystemUI Tuner” menu in Settings. This menu was accessed by pulling down the status bar and long-pressing on the settings cog. In Android P, however, SystemUI Tuner can no longer be accessed this way. We’re not sure if there’s another way to access it (we’re waiting on the P DP1 source code drop to confirm), but almost all of the functionality can still be accessed unofficially.

Suggested Notifications to Hide

This feature seems quite useful if you’re the kind of person who continuously dismisses notifications from an app, but never stopped to think that maybe you should just block notifications from that app entirely. It appears that after dismissing notifications enough times, Android P will ask you whether or not you want to block notifications entirely.

Lockscreen Pattern Trail is Hidden when Swiping

Although many new Android smartphones are featuring new, fancier ways of unlocking your device such as iris scanners or facial recognition, many users still prefer one of Android’s native set of authentication methods: a PIN, password, or pattern. Unfortunately, pattern locks have long had a flaw: anyone watching your screen can easily see your pattern. Custom ROMs such as LineageOS have long had features to hide the lockscreen pattern trail, but it now appears that Android P will have such a feature natively.

Lockdown Option to Temporarily Disable Fingerprint Authentication

If you go to Security & Location in Settings then tap on “lock screen preferences,” there’s a toggle called “show lockdown option.” This toggle adds a new button to the power menu that, when tapped, locks the phone and disables fingerprint authentication until you unlock using your fallback PIN, password, or pattern.

Alarm Clock Quick Setting Tile Shows Next Alarm & Lets You Quickly Add New Alarm:

The Quick Settings tiles received a major design revamp, and the most controversial change is perhaps that fact that you can no longer expand the tiles. Not every change is bad, though, as the new quick setting tile for alarms has a few fairly useful features. First, it lets shows you the time until the next alarm. Second, you can tap on it to view the upcoming alarm. Finally, you can long-press on it to set a new alarm.

Picture-in-Picture Window Adds Shortcut to Settings

One of Android Oreo’s biggest new features is picture-in-picture mode, and with Android P it has received a minor usability tweak to help new users figure out how to disable it without wading through settings. If you tap the picture-in-picture window, there’s a new settings cog that takes you to the permission page for the app to disable the PiP permission.

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