Enable Face Unlock on Redmi Note 4, Redmi 4/4X, and Mi Max Prime !!

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Face unlock is getting very popular these days, the latest Redmi Note 5/5 Pro came with face unlock out of box. This is a new feature that will be implemented in most MIUI builds in the coming future but if you want to get this feature immediately on your older Redmi devices like the Note 4 and Mi Max prime then this is the guide you have been looking for. So let’s take a look at how you can enable face unlock on redmi devices running older MIUI versions. 

If you are running MIUI V9.2.4 then you probably already have face unlock enabled on your device and this guide won’t be of much use to you but if you are running an older MIUI version like MIUI V9.2.1.0.NCFMIEK or MIUI 9 8.2.8 then you can easily get face unlock on your device using this easy method. The Mod file includes a modified system.apk, miuikeyguard.apk along with the necessary lib files in order to enable Face Unlock on Redmi Note 4, Redmi 4/4X and Mi Max Prime.

We know for certain that it works on MIUI V9.2.1.0.NCFMIEK and MIUI 9 8.2.8 and we do not guarantee that it will work on other version of MIUI so proceed with caution as this can brick your device. You have been warned.

Your bootloader needs to be unlocked and you must have TWRP recovery. 

Required ZIP files:

Enable Face unlock on Redmi Note 4, Redmi 4/4X and Mi Max Prime:

  1. Reboot the phone on in TWRP (Volume Up (+) and power button together)
  2. In TWRP, Hit Install and navigate to the Zip file on the phone.
  3. Select the file and Swipe to confirm installation.
  4. When the file is installed hit reboot and reboot to system. 

Setup face unlock on your Redmi Note 4, Redmi 4/4X and Mi Max Prime:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Scroll down and navigate to lock screen and password
  3. Tap on Add face data and confirm by putting in your pin or pattern.
  4. Now follow the instruction on screen and enroll your face.
  5. Once completed hit done and you would have successfully enrolled your face data.


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