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Google announced the dev preview of Android P a few days back which will be available for Pixel phones. Now we’re seeing our first look at the Android P Pixel Launcher. Ready to give it a try? You can download the APK right here.


Not a lot has changed, it seems, but its difficult to improve on what is already a sleek, intuitive interface. The most obvious change is the lower quarter panel which now floats over the home screen can be swiped upward as a shade.

The low-positioned search bar seems to be a bit divisive among users. However, for those with larger phones, hitting a top-riding Google bar makes using a second hand almost obligatory. The lower positioning puts it within thumb’s reach. This update has added a microphone icon to the bar, making it easy to strike up conversation with your favorite internet search provider.

If you want to give Pixel Launcher v9-4623511 a try yourself, click the button below:

Android P Launcher APK


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