Install Dolby Atmos on Android Oreo (8.0/8.1)

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Regardless of your phone’s price or specs, Dolby has this capability of taking your speakers to the next level, with better sound ,better bass and basically better everything.

Even the lowest cost earphones can be turned into a bass-rich sound environment

We’ve got 3D movies and even 3D games, so why not 3D sound, right? Dolby claimed to “move sound” in three dimensional space, and move it did!

It even has the capability of creating “overhead” sensations for objects which should be overhead you (sleek, right?)

So yeah, it’s the best sound engine available for Android phones right about now.

The only problem? Dolby Atmos isn’t exactly available on every cell phone out there. So how do you get it on your Android Oreo devices? If that’s what you’ve been asking, ask no more!

You need to be rooted and have TWRP recover installed to install Dolby Atmos! 

1) Download the zip from Here.

2) Boot into TWRP recovery.

3) Flash the ZIP you have downloaded.

4) Reboot and enjoy 😉

(If you face any force close issues set your SELinux mode to permissive)

Credits: @guitardedhero on XDA.

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