Best Android Equalizers without Root access!

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If you’re a music lover and looking forward to tune the audio output from your device, but don’t want to mess with root and stuff then you are in the right place here I’m gonna post few android equalizer apps that does not need any root access to function: 

1) Equalizer FX

This is a very nice android equalizer which does it’s job perfectly, the app’s layout is also very clean and the tunning options are also great. This one has great music profiles and a 5 band equalizer. It also comes with a bass boost option.


2) Neutralizer

This is another android equalizer available for free on the Google Play Store,  This app is very simple and easy to get through. It does quite a good job in improving the sound quality on Android.

3) Equalizer

This is another android equalizer with very simply design and some great tweaks to enhance the audio experience, This app comes with a 5 band equalizer and some audio profiles to match your music  type.

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