WhatsApp rolling out mobile payment service to Indian users!

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10 moths ago WhatsApp confirmed that they were working on a digital payment service through their app, WhatsApp has seemingly launched this service in India.

This service is currently available only for beta users, the payment service can be accessed from a chat window through the attachment menu. From there, users can select their preferred bank account and have it connected to the Indian government’s Unified Payments Interface (UPI) platform. Users have reportedly encountered issues linking their bank accounts to WhatsApp, but those issues should go away with future updates. 

UPI is a framework that allows for instant transfer between participating banks. Companies like Samsung and Google incorporated UPI into existing hardware and software, so this appears to be WhatsApp catching up to the competition. Users are asked to create an authentication pin if they have not used the UPI platform before. They are also asked to create a UPI account either through the UPI app or their bank’s website or app. 

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