How To Install Working TWRP Recovery and Root Mi A1 (Tissot) !!

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It has not been much long since Xiaomi launched their mid-range dual camera smartphone i.e Mi A1, Our good devs at XDA has already got their hands on the Mi A1 development and today we have the first working build of TWRP Recovery for the Mi A1: 

Credits: XDA developer @mohancm don’t forget to say thanks to him 🙂

Whats working? 
All paritions are mounting 
Can change Slot A/ Slot B on twrp its self Everything as usual.. (Backup/restore) 

Hang on!!
× I’m not responsible if you mess up with your device and brick it ×

Download required files from downloads 
Unlock your bootloader
Reboot to bootloader 
Enter this command using fastboot  on your computer “fastboot boot reovery.img”
Now “flash”
Reboot to recovery and check if twrp is there , if not (100% chances) 

How to root Mi A1 ?
× To get root access flash this using TWRP Recovery (DO NOT USE SuperSU!!)

Download Links:
× Recovery.img

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