Best free Cloud Storage/Backup Apps for Android Devices

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You all must be familiar with what cloud storage is and I don’t have to explain about that much. Nowadays cloud storage has become one of a necessary things for all of us. No matter how much storage our devices have we often run out of storage space and then we have to delete our precious files. Most of the OEMs like OnePlus doesn’t even come with a expandable storage space so the cloud storage becomes one of the best medium to store our files and other media.

So today we’re going to talk about some of the best free cloud storage apps available on the Google Play Store.

Google Drive

Google has it’s own Cloud storage app for Android known as Google Drive available for free on the Play Store. Google also allows to share files via a link to anyone you want. Google drive provides. Google drive provides around 15GB of free storage which seems quite less. But you can also purchase more space if you need.


Dropbox is yet another cloud storage provider for Android. They have a very simple and clean user-interface, Very easy to use and convenient. The only problem of Dropbox is that they provide only 2GB of free storage and is not sufficient for anything. For extra space you will have to pay and upgrade your account.

• Download Dropbox


Box is another cloud storage provider for Android. Box provides around 10GB of free storage which is not enough for everyone. You can upgrade your account for more space if you want so. Box also allows to share any file with a link to anyone you want.

• Download Box


pCloud is another cloud storage provider for Android. pCloud is a new guy to cloud storage race which was started in 2013. pCloud offers upto 20GB of free storage and you can buy more as per you needs. The costs of pCloud is much less than that of Google Drive. pCloud is very user friendly and easy to use. It also allows file sharing via a link.

• Download pCloud

Cloud Mail.Ru

Cloud Mail.Ru is another cloud storage provider from Russia. Cloud provides a massive 100GB of free storage for its users. Though this is a Russian app but still it’s very user friendly even for English users and you won’t have a hard time finding things around.

• Download Cloud Mail.Ru


Mega is a New Zealand based cloud storage provider. Mega provides around 50GB of free storage. Mega focuses on privacy much more than any other cloud storage or file hosting services. It enables you to share your files using a link to anyone you want. Mega app is also very user friendly and easy to operate.

• Download Mega

Final words:
So here were some of the free cloud storage and file sharing apps for Android wich I have personally used. 
If you think I have missed out any other cloud storage app, You can mention it in comments below and look upon it and will add it to this list shortly 🙂

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