The best case for your OnePlus 5 !

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If you own a OnePlus 5 I’m sure you might be looking for a decent bumper case only to find that there aren’t many available right now. Luckily RhinoShield has listed their CrashGuard bumper for pre-order. 

The RhinoShield CrashGuard is the best bumper case that you can get for the OnePlus 5. This case offers you premium drop protection (up to 11+ feet) without hiding the awesome design of your phone and that beautiful sand-blasted aluminum. For only $25 you can you can pre-order this case right now. It even has protection for the Alert Slider, which is new, though the design for that is not yet finalized. RhinoShield tells us that they’re using a material 40% thinner than what was used on the OnePlus 3/3T CrashGuard, which means that the bumper will add a miniscule amount of weight to your OnePlus 5 yet offer tremendous protection. And, you can also pick up one of their impact resistant screen protectors that work perfectly when paired with the bumper case.

If you’re ready to place your order for the CrashGuard for the OnePlus 5, you can pre-order it by hitting the link below.

•》  Pre-order CrashGuard for OnePlus 5

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