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INFECTED™ Audio is for those folks who’re interested in getting the best possible audio output from their phones. This audio MOD works on almost any ROM starting from 5.0+ to 7.1x ROMs. 


ViPERs Audio is an audio enhancing software to provide 
everyone with better audio experiences in various platforms
such as smartphones and PCs

Dolby Atmos
Sound moves around you in three-dimensional space, so you 
feel like you’re inside the action. Experience how Dolby Atmos
transports you from the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Beats Audio by Dr.Dre
More clear sound
More stereophony sound
Clear bass
Better sound frequences yield
Sound Distortions reducer
No conflict with the equalizers!!

Samsung SoundAlive Effects
SoundAlive gives you a wide range of EQ options 
including 25 sound effects that enrich your listening 
experience for music, movies, games and even other 
apps. The effects are enabled by default in this MOD 
with a perfect balance!

Pure Audio Engine 2.0
Introducing the PureEQ,
a new system-level component that powerfully 
works on the output audio part of your phone.

Harmoforia Engine
It is a extremely fine tuned Sound Engine which 
combines the best audio from other phones in 
one phone, calibrated with knowledge and made 
for the users.

ZeXshO X-Engine
ZeXshO(ZXO) X-Engine is a direct plugin for BioHazard,
this engine provides better low frequency and better 
high frequency that BioHazard can’t appear clearly.

Qualcomm Ported Snapdragon
 HW effects
Qualcomm HW effects are configured parameters 
of audio module/feature code running on Qualcomm? 
Hexagon? DSP Core contained in Qualcomm? 
Snapdragon? processors. The benefit is enhanced 
precision, sample rate, concurrency, and reduced 
power consumption while retaining standard Android 
APIs. Qualcomm Snapdragon and Qualcomm Hexagon 
are products of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Dirac HD Audio
Dirac offers superior technology focusing on: – 
Best possible sound through digital signal processing 
based on decades of research – Tailored solutions 
for your product rather than generic sound effect!

Sony Ported Xperia Premium Sound Processing
ClearAudio+ Has all the Sony enchantments in one!
Clear Phase optimise automatically the clarity of the 
speaker sound
xLOUD boost the overall speaker sound!

DTS Sound Processing
DTS Sound is a comprehensive audio solution for
mobile entertainment, delivering a combination 
of unsurpassed entertainment for audio and video. 
With DTS Sound, the device can be tuned for peak 
performance so consumers can enjoy an expanded 
stereo image and maximum volume from internal 
speakers and an immersive virtual surround sound 
experience over headphones.

SRS Sound Processing
SRS Labs, Inc. was a Santa Ana, California-based 
audio technology engineering company that 
specialized in audio enhancement solutions for 
wide variety of consumer electronic devices. 
Originally a part of Hughes Aircraft Company 
the audio division developed the Sound Retrieval 
System technology, and in 1993 was separated 
off to form SRS Labs, Inc.

Added Sony’s music player 🙂


Download INFECTED™ Audio:

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