The ridiculously amazing banana phone!!!

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A banana phone? Oh yeah you heard it right its a phone which is a banana which is a phone lol!

Interested? This banana-shaped device is available on Indiegogo HERE  and can be had for as low as $40. That is a very low price for a phone, right? That’s because this isn’t exactly a phone. The Banana Phone essentially works as a Bluetooth communicator. It connects to your phone wirelessly and doesn’t work as a standalone device.

It really doesn’t do much, but it is a fun novelty. In fact, it only has 3 buttons: volume up, volume down and home. It can receive calls, as well as make them (using a voice assistant). Battery life is estimated at 10 hours of talk time, making it a handy gadget for those who would rather not pull out their phones to make a call… and prefer to do so with fruits.

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