Dual boot Android ROMs using EFIDroid: A Second-Stage Bootloader Using UEFI Firmware to Multiboot

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What is EFIDroid ?

EFIDroid is a second-stage bootloader designed to allow the device’s original bootloader code to handle the hardware interface itself, thereby simplifying the work that needs to be done to port this application to different devices. This is based on Intel’s EDK II project which has a well-established codebase and provides for substantial extensibility. This implementation utilizes Qualcomm’s open source bootloader, Little Kernel (LK), and as such, support is currently limited to Snapdragon devices.

How to Dual Boot?
Installation is as simple as downloading the EFI DroidManager app from the Play Store on a rooted device, provided your device has support merged into the project’s github repository. If your device is supported, the application will download the relevant code and let you install, uninstall, reinstall, and repair EFIDroid, as well as allow you to manage your ROMs in a multiboot configuration. Once EFIDroid is installed, ROMs can be installed at the location of your choice (usually somewhere such as /data/media/0/multiboot/NAME).

At the moment, only a handful of devices are supported, including the Moto E (Condor), Moto G 4G (Peregrine), Nokia X2, OnePlus One, Vega Iron 2, and the Fairphone 2. 

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