SuperSU v2.79 SR1 is Available focuses primarily on SELinux changes for Nougat:

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– Expand Samsung detection
– GUI: reworked portions to work with ‘supersu’ context on 7.0+
– GUI: fix binary update notice when superuser disabled by user in some cases
– su: reworked portions to work with ‘supersu’ context on 7.0+
– su/GUI: improve responsiveness when device busy on 7.0+
– sukernel: fix cpio restore failure with very short filenames
– sukernel: no longer patches file_contexts(.bin)
– sukernel: revert force seclabel (no longer needed with ‘supersu’ context)
– supolicy: add “create”, “auditallow”, “auditdeny” policy commands
– supolicy: support “*” for permission/range parameter of “allow”, “deny”, “auditallow”, “auditdeny”, “allowxperm” policy commands
– supolicy: -live/–file no longer apply default patches if custom patches are supplied
supolicy: -sdk=X option added (required for 7.0+)
supolicy: reworked all SELinux rules for 7.0+, run as ‘supersu’ context
– ZIP: Separate slotselect and system_root logic
– ZIP: Adjust system/system_root device and mount-point detection
– ZIP: Fix minor errors in documentation
– ZIP/frp: Explicitly label /su
Compatibility with the latest TWRP on the PIxel has also been fixed, and various other small changes

Flashable ZIP : Download
See BETA SU xda thread : HERE
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