Honor Officially Released their Honor Magic in China

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Yesterday Honor officially announced their new phone, the Honor Magic. They explained that Magic, to Honor, means “fantasy” and they’ve chosen their tag line  “To The Future.” With innovation being the driving force for their products, Honor is looking to take a lead in handset development with the Magic.

Device Specs:

The Honor Magic has very attractive curves  with all four edges of the screen on the front being curved, and Honor has chosen to also curve the four sides on the back making for a smooth and sleek design.

The back of the device is adorned with the same dual cameras as on the Honor 8. However, on the front of the device things get even more interesting with a three cameras, one of which is infrared for taking quality selfies at night. The most useful feature is the inclusion of Huawei’s new charging technology, as Honor claims that the Honor Magic only takes 20 minutes to charge 70% of its battery (in lab conditions), and just 10 minutes to charge up to 40% of its battery.

Some noticeable features in the Honor Magic Software:
  • Bringing the phone to your face, and actually looking at it, will wake the screen. The demo made on stage showed the phone being raised from flat and the screen staying blank until the presenter looked at the screen.
  •  The Magic will not display the text of notifications on the lockscreen unless the owner of the device is the one looking.
Sounds awesome isn’t it ?

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