[ROM] [6.0.1] FreedomOS for OnePlus 3

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FreedomOS allows you to debloat your ROM smartly.
Everything is customisable, you can install the most minimalistic rom, like a fully modded rom.
So basically, it install the untouched stock rom and install and remove all the functionality you have selected in the aroma.

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– SuperSU | systemless 2.76 – Xposed Installer | Flash the xposed zip yourself after the AROMA – Adaway + hosts file – Android Debugging Bridge – RRO Layers Theme Manager – Substratum Theme Engine – Google DNS – EmojiOne – MultiWindows – Patched Stock Kernel, disable force encryption and some tweaks. – ElementalX with AROMA settings by @flar2. – Audio Mod | DivineBeats V7.0 Evolution: Viper4android Awesome Sound Sony Walkman Pon-3 Audio eXpress Engine SFORCE SURROUND 3D 48,000 KHz Sampling Rate Faster Audio Processing Dolby Digital Plus Libs Dolby Atmos Beats Audio Libs Sony ClearAudio and XLoud libs SRS Processing DTS Processing Noozxoide EIZO-rewire™ PRO Louder output in headphones and speaker Bass enchancement MegaBass Divine Equalizer Am3D Zirene Audio Fx Dolby Digital+ Sound you have never heard before from your device and many more….

You need an unlocked bootloader with latest official TWRP.

– Make sure you are using the latest official TWRP
– Download and copy the zip file in your OP3
– Reboot to TWRP
– Make a nandroid backup (optionnal)
Clean Flash: Wipe data/system/dalvik/cache | Dirty Flash:Wipe System/Cache/Dalvik
– Install > Select FreedomOS zip file
– Enjoy aroma installer 
– Done 


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