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Pixel Launcher Leaked APK


Google’s new Pixel smartphones are on its way soon.  While you wait, you can already enjoy the new Pixel Launcher on your Android device by installing this leaked APK file.

First, Pixel Launcher comes with a permanent clock at top right along with Google search icon (also permanent) at top-left.  You will have full landscape rotation (must enable in settings) with the new launcher, which isn’t exactly “impressive” but still cool to have.

Also the app drawer now is launched by swiping up from the bottom or hitting on the “x” mark.  This seems new and should be a bit faster for finding your apps along with an app search bar in the app drawer.

The coolest feature on Pixel Launcher is definitely its new wallpapers that can be updated on daily basis automatically as it will download new ones for you.  If you use Chromecast often, you probably have seen these types of wallpapers and now you can get it on your phone.  Make sure to check off “Daily wallpaper” option in Wallpaper Settings to take advantage of this.  You can also find the exact sources (e.g. Google Maps GPS location or source of the photo) by clicking on the wallpapers.

Other than that, the new Pixel Launcher isn’t jaw-dropping but it is simple and performance is zippy as hell.

Download Pixel Launcher APK from HERE

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