How to Play Pokemon Go on a Rooted Android Phone or Tablet

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With latest Pokemon Go update version 0.37.0, Ninatic has blocked root users from playing the game. The game won’t allow you to log in if your device is rooted . So today I’m posting a trick which will allow you yo play your favorite Pokémon Go on your rooted device .

This trick works for most of the Android smartphones and tablets out there
Stuff you need :-
1) Magisk Manager : DOWNLOAD
2) Magisk ZIP : DOWNLOAD
3) Magisk SuperSU ZIP : DOWNLOAD
Magisk is a magical little tool that allows you to disable root to play Pokemon Go or even use Android Pay on a rooted Android device.

Now, this will work on most Android devices but please do MAKE A BACKUP of EVERYTHING beforehand.  You may end up in a bootloop or have to try multiple times to get it working correctly!

The best way is to start fresh so we will do a factory reset but if you want to do a dirty flash, MAKE A BACKUP ROM!

Step 1. Download the 3 files you will need, Magisk ZIP file, Magisk SuperSU ZIP file, and Magisk Manager APK.

Step 2. Reboot into TWRP or CWM recovery and do a factory reset.  THIS WILL ERASE ALL YOUR APPS and SETTINGS but not contents of your internal storage

Step 3. Tap on install and go to the  location where you have kept the two ZIP files you have downloaded earlier. First select Magisk and than tap on add more Zips and select SuperSU and than swipe to flash 

Step 4. Then just reboot your device . Once your device is booted up go to your file manager and install Magisk Manager.apk and 

Now Anytime you want to play Pokemon Go or use Android Pay, toggle the Root and turn it off.

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