How to Block Ads on Android

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Whether you want to get rid of ads while browsing the web or simply want to skip ads while playing you favorite game on your Android device, there are many simple ways to block ads.

Android is a derivative of Linux, which means it uses hosts file (located in /etc/hosts) to determine IP addresses of hosts.  Now, traditionally, hosts file have been used to block websites you don’t want to visit.  Since ads work through website names and IP addresses, you can effectively remove ads on your Android device by nulling (setting website/IP to point to local address all ad addresses.

Of course, you can do this manually which could take you hours or days of work or you can grab an Ad Blocker app for your Android. Your Device must be rooted for this. One of the best ways to achieve ad blocking on Android is  AdAway . allows you to easily remove all ads associated with most popular advertising companies on the web.  It will virtually remove 99.99% of ads on  your Android.

Download AdAway from HERE

Installation is easy, simply install the AdAway apk file then activate ad blocking once installed.  To remove, you can also deactivate easily or use  Root  Explorer to remove “/etc/hosts” file and reboot.

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