Best Audio/Sound MODs for Android Devices

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Today I’m presenting you guys some of the best available audio MODs for Android for the people who want the get the best sound possible form their device 

# Xtreme Music ™
Xtreme music the one of the best audio mod for Android . This is the only MOD that has HTC Boom Sound , Sony Sfroce Surround 3D and Sony DSEE-HX
This works on all Android versions and ROMs
# Divine Beats  
Divine beats is another great sound MOD for your Android Device . It has Sony Walkman , Sony music player and Viper4Androdi 
Works on all Android versions and ROMs
# Dolby Atmos 
Dolby Atmos is Another great sound MOD . this is ported from a Lenovo ROM . It Delivers great sound to your headphones.
Works on all Android versions and ROMs
# MaxxAudio 
MaxxAudio is also a great sound MOD. Gives a great sound quality . This one right here is Ported from the OnePlus 1. It comes with a great equalizer , the same one that is in OnePlus 1
This works only on 5.0-5.1 and 6.0x ROMs 
Viper4Android is a awesome soundmod . it has lot of settings and a great equalizer . Viper4Android installs its driver automatically you don’t need to flash it using recovery but you device should be rooted in order to use Viper4Android 
This should work on all Android versions and ROMs 4.4+
# Xperia X Sound Enhancement & Walkman 
Discover, enjoy and share
Access all your local and downloaded music in one place. Plus, with Sony’s unique audio technologies including ClearAudio+, Digital Noise Cancelling and High-Resolution Audio on the latest devices, you can listen in outstanding clarity wherever you are
(Should work on all Android devices running on 5.0 to 7.0)
This were some of the best audio MODs I have personally used . The one i liked the most is Xtreme Music . All the rest are also great . you should give them a try if you’re a music lover 

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