[Cm13]Download Xposed Framework For Android Marshmallow 6.0

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                              DOWNLOAD LINKS:-
                                    XPOSED APK

                          => Xposed 4.0 alpha apk

                             XPOSED FRAMEWORK
                  (Download according to you device)

                          => xposed-v78-sdk23-arm.zip
                          => xposed-v78-sdk23-arm64.zip

                          => xposed-v78-sdk23-x86.zip


  WARNING:- I’m not responsible, if you brick or                                       damage your device

     > Download and install latest XPOSED 4.0 alpha 
     > Then place the downloaded zip named xposed-arm-*.zip

     If it is 32 bit device download xposed-v77-sdk*-arm.zip

 If your device is 63 bit device then download xposed-v77-sdk*-arm66.zip

If your device is based on X86 like  Asus zenfone etcthen download
xposed-v77-sdk*-x86.zip in you SD card the reboot to recovery          

    > Then flash the zip using recovery 

    > Now open xposed app and click Install/Update button

   > Reboot your device 



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